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 Applications and Utilities:

 Propeller Clock Font Generator

By Brent Morse
For generating hex data for use with creating 5x7 Fonts for LED displays. This was primarrilly designed for use with Mechanically Scanned LED Clocks / Message Display
It will also convert a typed message to hexadecimal format you can paste in to your own ASM code. It sure made it easier to create custom fonts and images for POV devices.

 Code Snippets:

 Datasheets and other Tech Specs:
SP03 Speech Synthesizer Data Sheet
SpeakJet Speech Synthesizer
VoiceDirect364 Voice Recognition Module
DS1721 Digital Thermometer
MMA7620Q 3 Axis Accelerometer
MAX6952 LED MAtrix Driver IC

 Links to Other Sites of interest:

Specially designed for robotics, the ooPIC is a totally different approach in microcontrollers that uses objects to control the attached hardware while the application program focuses on controlling the objects. Programmed in Basic, C, or Java syntax styles.
Manufacturers of the PIC family of  MCu's
and other technologies.

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