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3 Axis Accelerometer
This is the accelerometer that I used in my "Virtual Glove" project, It has many applications for hobby robotics also. It is manufactured by Freescale Semiconductors. I had milled the PCB with my CNC PCB Mill.

Top View of the PCB, showing the Accelerometer and 3 1k smt resistors for the RC Filter.... I ended up having to pre tin the pcb
where the IC was to be mounted, and set the IC in place and slowly heated the pcb with my hot air gun, to basically reflow the solder
and set the IC in place, my method seems crude but it works. If you try this technique, you must be carefull not to apply too much
heat, or your traces will come off the PCB, or worst yet, ruin the IC you are trying to solder onto it.

Bottom View of the PCB showing the 0.1uf smt capacitors for the RC Filter...
The large copper area is the ground plane...

Here is a pic of the sensor "in action", I had temporarilly connected it to
CyLindro to do some testing......