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DS1721 Digital Therm Sensor
Below center is a photo of the sensor, soldered onto an 8 PDIP socket, so I could just plug it into the
OOPIC's E1 Socket. The photo far left is the IC soldered onto a 5 pin SIP pcb.
The photo on the right shows the one I am using mounted on a wired PCB.
The DS1721 2-Wire Digital Thermometer and Thermostat provides 12-bit temperature readings which
indicate the temperature of the device. Thermostatic settings and temperature readings are all
communicated to/from the DS1721 over a simple 2-wire serial interface. No additional components are
required; the device is truly a “temperature-to-digital” converter.

To connect to the OOPIC, you have to set the address lines to one different from the OOPIC E0 socket address.
I tied A0 to +5 then tied A1 and A2 to Ground.

(Sample code for OOPIC II to come....)

I had attached it to a USB cable I had recycled off of an optical mouse.

Click Here to download the DS1721 Datasheet