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EnviroTrol Project
(Environment Controller)
I decide to make this project after I got into building Terrariums and Paludariums, I had built a paludarium for a couple of lizards, (2 Anoles, and 1 House Gecko).
I had a waterfall in it, but I had taken it out until I can find a much larger tank than the one I am currently using. (29 gals, need something much, much bigger!!)
I got tired of turning on their lights in the morning and having to turn them off at night,
and once in a while the plants have to misted for the lizards to drink, (Anoles are dew lappers).
So I decided to build me an automated control panel for controlling the lights and the misting.
And to replace those gauges, with digital sensors I can hide in the background!

Project Overview:
4 AC Outlets that can be programmed to turn on and off at set intervals.
4 Programmable External NO (Normally Open) Inputs
1 AC outlet is capable of upto 15 Amps of current draw
1 Digital Thermometer Sensor Interface
1 Digital Humidity sensor interface
2 12V Fan control for air flow control and for ventilation.
LCD w/ LED Backlight, for user interface with 3 User buttons.
2 "Moon Light" LED's with programmable intensity level.
2 RGB LED's for lighting effects, these will replace the "moonlight" LED's I was planning on using, which were just blue LED's.
Opto Isolated inputs.
Just recently (06/18/2007) I ended up building a Vivarium for a frog that my kids had cought.
I will have to change my environment controller to accommodate 2 differrent environments, since the Vivarium requires higher humidity than my Terrarium.
The vivarium setup is quite simple, I have an internal water filter that draws the water through the pea stone and then pumps it back over the "waterfall". I will be adding more live plants, and possible some mud skipper fish.

When I first started this project, my CNC mill was not up and running yet, so now that it is, I am going to re-do the controller to be an all-in-one PCB, to make it easier to mount in a housing and to make some improvements to the circuit......