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Handheld POV
I wanted to make my own handheld version of an LED message wand.
 I wanted to build something small, so I opted to build this device with all SMD components.
And I fit everything including battery into a small Keyfob project enclosure that I purchased at Radio Shack.


All the LED's used and most of the components are surface mount, 2 switches are provided for the user,
1 is for selecting 1 of the 10 messages built in, and the other is the mode switch that will switch the display from text
to digital clock mode. I hand carved the PCB with my dremmel tool.

The "Motion" trigger, is actually from a Kids pedometer that my son got out of the Frosted Flakes cereal box, which you can see
in the bottom portion of the pic below and to right of the top right photo. I was going to use an accelarometer to detect movement,
but this mechanical switch seems to do the job just fine! None of my kids' toys get thrown out when they break, they end up in my "Spare parts" pile. (lol)
The whole thing is powered by a 3 volt button cell battery, which is not installed, but you can see the metal contact for the - side,
and the red wire is for the + side of the battery.

I used my 5x7 Font editor app to create the Hex messages for this POV.