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LED Projects
Propeller Clock #1
Propeller Clock #2
Handheld POV
LM3916 Based VU-Meter
LM3916 Based Audio Analyzer
4 Character Smart Alphanumeric LED displays
Binary Watch
8x8 Scrolling LED Matrix Display
7x20 LED Matrix Display
5x5x4 LED Matrix Display

Here I am just sharing my version of Bob Blicks propeller clock and my own variation of the clock.
And other LED based projects that I have completed or I am currently working on.

I also designed a FONT Editor in VB6.0 for use in editing fonts 5x7 fonts for these type of devices.
It will also convert a typed message to hexadecimal format you can copy and paste in to your own ASM code.
 It sure made it easier to create custom fonts and images for these type of POV devices.