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ROBI The RoverBot

ROBI was created primarilly to test out different MCu's available in the market.
The OOPIC Brand of Microcontroller based MCu ended up being the one I decided to stick with and built most of my robotic projects based on this MCu.
I also used ROBI to test different sensors, such as the SRF04 Sonar Ranger by Devantech, the SpeakJet IC (Speech Synthesizer), various RF Transmitter/Receivers from different manufacturers, GP2D12 IR Range Sensor's by Sharp,various LCD and VFD Displays. ROBI was even voice commanded at one time with Sensory's Voice64 voice recognition module.
His main navigation though is through his 4 bumper switches, it has 2 mounted behind his front bumper, and 2 leaf swithces in the rear.

ROBI's main drive system consists of 2 modified  (for full rotation) Futuba RC Servo's. And 1 caster wheel.


The photo above right, shows one of ROBI's "guide" rollers, which help him "roll" off the wall if he is turning to close to one.
In the same photo, you can see the location of the 4 AA pack for his motor power.

ROBI normally has it's 9Vdc power source sitting on the prototype area of the OOPIC carrier Module.
Above right, in the center of the photo, you can see a surface mount Serial EEPROM mounted on my
DIP adapter and plugged into the OOPIC's E1 socket, ROBI uses this to store "mapping" data and
for storing other user data.

Here you can see his red Status Indicator LED and
his Piezo Buzzer.


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