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Truck Sound System
I know, this has nothing to do with a custom mobile PC, but since I mentioned my audio system, might as well show you...
I just recently replaced part of the system in my truck, atleast the amp and subs. I had some 12" Petra's that were only 100 W/ Channel, I blew the amp that went with them
so I decided to upgrade the wattage a bit (I've had them for 9 years! I've been transferring them from one vehicle to another, I have quite a collection of enclosures built for different model vehicles, since I built a new one everytime I switched vehicles. Only cost me $15.00 for the amp and woofers, the system was so tweaked that people wouldnt believe that I was only pumping 100 watts per channel! It's awsome to customize stuff, then you can tweak it to your hearts content). I will have to rework the enclosures for the subs a bit, or possibly build new ones, I had the old woofers down firing, but because the Lanzar subs profile is differrent, I could not have these face down, I only had about an 1" of clearance to the floor, and the surround on the new ones stick out about 1.5"!
So right now I have them facing up. With 1600 Watts pounding up your rear, makes the back seat the best seat in the truck for the women!(lmao).

The sub enclosure carpet matches my arm rest console carpeting.
(Since it was from the same roll! I used the leftover carpet from the subs to cover the armrest enclosure.)


 The capacitor is mounted under the back of the seat, out of the way, I wanted to try and install it where the pretty Blue LED's could be admired,
but limited spacing in my truck wouldnt let me accomplish that with out having to actually modify the interior of the truck. But I want to keep my trucks original equipment intact as I have metioned before. The blurry photo on the right is my Sony Explod receiver.

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