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Custom Mobile Truck PC
This is my custom Mobile PC mod that I had installed in my 2004 Chevy Silverado. I have always been into computers and I have about 4 PC's at home, 2 at work, 2 Pocket PC's, 2 Laptops...etc. (You get the picture, I'm a computer geek, what can I say.) So needless to say I wanted to put a PC in my truck since I spend a couple of hours in it a day just commuting to work and home.

Space was going to be an issue for this project, if you own an extended cab truck you know what I mean, since I already have 2 12" subwoofers under my rear bench seat along with a Lanzar 1600 Watt 2 Channel amp, and a 3 farad stiffening capacitor. I wasn't going to be putting anything else under there!

My only other option was to mount it up front somewhere, since my truck did not have an arm rest and the middle seat did not fold down, I decided to remove the middle front seat and build a custom armrest console to replace it with.

I wanted to keep all original parts intact, so that I can take all my stuff out and put the factory stuff back in if I ever get rid of it, so no modifications of the vehicle was done....

I started to shop around for mobile computers.... man where they expensive!! I decided to mod one of my Shuttle XPC systems to be used in my truck, (you can never have too much computing power!) Here is what I ended up with....

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