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RoverX Project Main

RoverX  is going to be my Multiple MCu  Autonomous Roverbot, right now the work on its engineering section is pending... I have been working on it's "Head"  for now until I can come up with a suitable drive unit for its engineering section...., everybody says "It looks like the robot off of Short Circuit".
RoverX will be developed in several sections, with each section having its own slave MCu that are all networked to one master MCu that will make the decisions for all the other slave MCu's depending on what actions or functions it is performing. The user will be able to take manual control of RoverX via a remote PC or laptop, RoverX will be equipped with a 433Mhz Transceiver module for data and control transmission. It will also be able to respond to Voice Commands, and talk back if it has to, (Just like all the kids, always talking back,lol).
The "Head" is an old radio my kids had, it broke so now its a robot head!! The "Eyes" are 2 Infrared rangers ,
located on each side of the head under the "Speaker" grills are 2 condenser Microphones
that are routed through an op-amp circuit for amplifying the sound it picks up
before they are fed into 2 separate AD converter pins on the MCu.


The head is moved by 2 RC Servo's, 1 for tilting the head up or down, the other for side to side movement...
I fabricated the "neck" assembly out of .125" Thick ABS plastic.

SpeakJet IC for speech synthesis is located in what use to be the battery compartment of the radio, the output is routed through an LM386 Audio amplifier circuit...
It will also be equipped with Sensory's Voice64 Speech Recognition Module for voice commands....

Right now the Head Section can detect movement upto 30cm, and follow the movement left, or right, still working on the up and down tracking sensors,
and it can also respond to sound, and move the head in the direction the sound is coming from (Left or right depending on the level in each ear.).

Here is a short video of the Head section "coming to life"...

More to come............

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