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Drum Brackets and Cymbal Mounts
The mounting brackets for the drum heads are pretty straight forward.... they can pivot on the rack bars and also on the L rod and on the base of the drum, so it gives me 3 adjustments for each drum and I can have them mounted at any angle I desire.... makes it easy to adjust the drums to fit any size drummer....

Once everything is finished I will be painting all the steel parts a flat black, to prevent rust and to make them "look better".

The Cymbal brackets were much simpler, I just need something to attach the cymbals to, and also it has to be adjustable so the angle and the height can be adjusted if necessary.

I took a couple of 5/16" shaft collars, I welded those to some 1/4" steel rods that had threaded ends. I then took a 5/16-18 Hex head bolt, and cut off the head then welded the bolt inside one of the collars, once the other collar was in place on the bolt, I secured the assembly with a 5/16-18 Nylock Hex nut... I can adjust the tesion of the pivoting point with the nut.
The end of one rod was equipped with a stop nut, a couple of 1-1/4" fender washers and a 1/4"-20 wing nut to secure the cymbal on with.
The other end of the rods were attached to the rack with some other brackets I fabricated out of some 1/8" thk x 1" wide flat steel stock.
The way these brackets were designed is that when the bolt is tightened, the top plate would sinch up against the rod and also pull it towards the rack frame to lock it in place. I designed these this way so I do not have to undo the rack frame to slip these onto the tubes like the drum head brackets...... These will also be painted a flat black to prevent corosion.

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