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Analog 2 PCB
This is the second Analog interface circuit board for the project. This one is basically the same as the first, except for this one has 1 more input than the first.

I always make sure to double check everything before I move on to the next phase of the process, I use the actual PCB design to verify component placements...

Same process was done as the first, all components placement were layed out with a fine tip marker. This definately makes it easy to place all the components without having to worry if I have the leads in the right hole or not.

Finally!! All done with Analog boards 1 and 2. Now I can move on to other things.....

Now I have the 3 main PCB's done for this project. All 3 are mounted in the housing ready to be wired up to the jacks... now on to more work!!!

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