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This is my Edrum Project, I have always wanted to play the drums (I guess better late than never!!) The only downside is the cost for drum sets! I can not see myself paying that much for something I will be beating on!  By accident, I ran into this site when I was browsing for something else on the net.... I was amazed on how much work Admir had put into this project just to offer it for free to everyone who wants to build their own MIDI drum trigger (You still need something to produce the sounds, the EDRUM is only a trigger that sends out MIDI data in response to the drum inputs.) So as always I set out to build my own Edrum trigger unit to be able to play some drums (Cheap!!)

This is what I did to make my own Electronic MIDI Drum set:
The Edrum Trigger Module:
This is all that I did to make the Drum Trigger Module, all the schematics for this stuff is available off the Edrum site, all I did was redraw it in Eagle lite and designed my own Circuit Boards.
Click on each link on the right to see worklog for each module...
Drum Heads and Symbals:
These are all the drum heads and symbals I made for this project....

Snare Drum (Dual Piezo)
Kick Drum
Splash Cymbal 1 (Dual Piezo)
Splash Cymbal 2 (Dual Piezo)
Choke (Digital Switch)
Ride Cymbal (Dual Piezo)

I decided to build 2 diferrent pedals, an optical one and a potentiometer based one.... just to see which one I like better......

Click on the links below to see worklogs for each pedal

I ended up building my own Drum Rack from materials I found around the house and the shop, some parts I ended up designing my self, such as the rack brackets and all the drum and cymbal mounts....

Drum Rack Worklog....

WORK IN PROGRESS!! Still being Updated!!
(Last updated 02/07/2010)

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