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Easy DIY DVD Drive Fix
Do you have an XBox 360 console with a dead DVD Drive?? Well you are in luck! If the only problem you have is the drive motor has seized up, it is really easy to replace it... a lot easier than some may think!

This is how I replaced the hardware on a dead DVD drive (seized up spindle motor, electronics was just fine!) WITHOUT having to reflash a new one!!

I started out by opening the console, no, I will not go over how to open your console here, there are plenty of sites that will show you and share this info, so I will not repeat it here. I am assuming you already have the drive out of the console..... anyway, back on track, look for the MODEL # , PART #, and look for the Hardware Revision sticker at the bottom of the main label.... now go on Ebay and search for XBOX 360 Original Replacement Drive.... now be carefull which one you buy and you have to be certain to get as close to the same hardware version as possible and make sure the MODEL NUMBERS ARE EXACTLY THE SAME!

Once you find it, buy it! I found one for 32.00 dollars from BuyDirectPC on ebay..... Don't worry about what they say about having to flash the drives rom.... you wont need to if you do what I did...
Model #
Part #
Hardware version
I was really lucky in getting one that was an exact identical match to my old drive! These two drives were only 2 days apart from being manufactured at the same place! Awesome luck!
Remove the OLD circuit board from the old drive, carefull not to break anything, each cable is connected to the circuit board with a connector. Disconnect each cable while remembering the orientation they were in while plugged into the connectors, now remove the circuit board from the NEW drive, carefull not to break the little plastic clip holding the board on, there should be one clip, below the small motor showing through the hole in the circuit board near the bottom right.

Now CONNECT the OLD circuit board to the NEW HARDWARE, start by connecting the small brown cable first then the optics cable, save the spindle motor connector for last, the clip the board back down in place, walla! You have a new drive! And you didnt even have to flash anything, which increases the chance that you will brick your drive if you did try to flash a new drive with the old ones rom !

You just have to make sure you get the same make and model drive, you can not swap hardware from one model to another!! When I did this "refurb" there were 3 differrent kinds of drives out there for the first XBOX 360, who knows how many differrent ones they have now for the Elite.
Replace the Drive back into the console and connect it to the motherboard, if everything was done properly, it should boot up and play just like when it was brand new, (Probably because it is a new Drive!!) The console won't even know the differrence, since it is still connected to the same electronics as before....

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