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VGA / Composite Connector Mod
This is not a tutorial of any kind, so I will not cover such things as taking the console apart, etc. This is just to show you what I have done to accomplish this. After searching around on the web, I finally found a credible source for the pinouts of the internal and external connectors of the Xbox 360 Gaming console. I had gotten this console from one of my sons friends, this unit came with the dreaded RROD problem, dead DVD Drive, and it was lacking the power supply and AV cable, so in order for me to get any use out of it, I would have to purchase all new components.... not!. Once I reseated GPU and CPU, and remounted the heatsinks, I actually got rid of the RROD problem! That was easy enough I guess, I cant believe people are charging so much to fix this issue!! Quit ripping people off!! Anyways, after I had removed the Motherboard from the case, I proceeded to do the following....
I decided to start with the easiest connector to attach, the composite out connections and the Left and right audio... I used a salvaged internal USB wiring, (shielded thats why I used it.) I cut off both connectors and soldered one end of the wires right to the bottom of the main AV connector on the motherboard. The red wire is for the composite out, green is for the Right Audio out, white to the Left audio out pin. The black of course is connected to ground.
I salvaged a component / composite out connector from an old home dvd player.... scrap electronics sure comes in handy when you have a low bugget for your hobbies!!!

I then soldered the wires directly to each coresponding connection on the bottom row of RCA jacks:
Left Audio out to White
Right Audio out to Red
Composite out to Yellow
All have a common ground connection.

I did not connect anything to the RGB component RCA connections yet....
I then proceeded to solder the wires for the VGA onto the VGA connector I salvaged from an old Video Card.... (Using a heat gun to remove components from a PCB sure makes things go faster than unsoldering each connection with solder wick!!) I soldered the wires directly to the connectors pins. All that needed to be connected was :
and all the grounds are connected together.
all NC connections are left unconnected ofcourse!
Then each wire from the VGA connector were soldered (carefully and patiently!) to the corresponding pins on the AV out connector on the bottom of the motherboard.
Now for the switch to tell the console which output you would like to use, VGA or component /Composite output. Basically by connecting the proper input to ground tells the console which one you are going to use.
Then again, the other end of the wires were soldered to their corresponding pins on the motherboards AV out connector.
Now to test fit everything to make sure I have a path to run these wires through inside the consoles case. Plenty of clearance between the case fan and the motherboard to slip all the wires through.
I marked the case where I wanted to mount the connectors. I wanted to try and give it a "natural" look, as if they have always been there.... or atleast close to it... There just happens to be enough room on this corner of the case to fit both connectors.
After a few minutes of drilling and filling, I finally got the VGA connector mounting hole just right, the other connectors holes werent that hard to do, just drilled them out with a step bit to the right size, just had to make sure my bit didnt wander and offset any of the holes.
I had to clip off some of the tabs sticking up off of the bottom half of the case to make room for the new connectors. Still needs some detailing, but I think it should look good.
I had to remove some of the top case covers back side also...
After working the case over with a dremmel and some files for a few minutes.... slowly getting there. I will have to use some Goo be gone to remove the adhesive left behind by the sticker to clean it up a bit.
Finally the finished product.... only took a couple of hours but well worth it.... saved me from having to buy a new AV cable, plus I can connect this thing to an LCD Monitor and get better resolution than a TV!!!
I used hot glue to secure all the wires to the connectors, just to make sure none of them fall off, plus, the glue acts as an insulation for the bare pins. I also tidied up the wiring a bit with a few wire ties, and secured them to the back of the case.
VGA output works great on my 20" LCD monitor...
After enabling VGA mode on the XBOX 360 Console, it opens up a bunch of higher resolutions you can set the display to, even 1080p!!
VGA Test Video on YouTube

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