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Intel_Dell Case Mod Competition
Well I took Home the grand Prize for this competition....
Part I
Click Here for Part II
Time for another case mod competition.... I received an email from someone named TimWitmer on Youtube about this case mod competition Intel and Dell are sponsoring...
So I went out and got another case to mod, this one was "donated" to me by MBE Computers (www.MBECOMPUTERS.COM), Thanks Chuck!

This was the case as it originally came....
It is a Raidmax case, really plain....

I have always wanted to install a Plasma Ball in a PC case, I guess this is my chance! So the whole design of the case is going to revolve around the Plasma Ball. I acquired this one that came with a Buddha, well buddha is going to have to give up his ball! (lol) I will also be using some more of my Magic Sculpt sculpting compound to form and modify the face plate of the Case.

Now let's get down to business....
I wanted to do some kind of "space" theme for this case since I was going to be using the Plasma ball....
But with 5 days to go before the deadline for submissions, I need to just get to work!!
So I free-Handed the designs onto a piece of white paper, scanned them into my PC and
converted them to an NC file I can use to cut these out with with a CNC Plasma Cutter. I originally was going to do all this by hand, but with limited time, I had to improvise some of the work just it get it done. I ended up removing all the rivets to the case to get it to lay flat on the CNC table. Once I cut the designs out, I cleaned all the edges with a grinding disc, as you can see in the photos below..... Apparently according to some wannabe modders, that using anything but a dremmel to cut out a design makes you less of a modder..... I beg to differ, a true modder will use anything at his diposal to get the job done, and DO ALL THE WORK themselves, without outsourcing any of it, or purchasing Pre-mod stuff to put on their so called mods.

I ended up cutting out a design on both sides of the case which is rarely seen, since most modders would hide the underside of the Motherboard mounting plate, I instead will replace it with a plexiglass one so I can see the underside of the Motherboard itself and not the mounting plate.

First thing I did was cut out the designs on the sides and top of the case with the CNC plasma cutter, I had freehand drawn all the images and scanned them into the CNC, I ended up having to drill out the rivets on the case to get it to lay flat on the cutting table and then riveted the case back together once the cutting was done.
 I also went ahead and cut out an arc on the front of the top of the case to make room for the Plasma ball.

I ended up using some rigid insulating foam board to shape the "holder" for the Ball,


I used the Magic Sculpt compound to mold the ball Holder, and to also blend in the new face plate to the front of the case cover. I ended up cutting out the original bottom half of the case's front cover , and added the "grill" to it.

I used an old DVD_ROM Drive to line up the rest of the face plate with the openings,

I cut out the original Power Button assembly out of the original faceplate and relocated it to the front, and I also went ahead and relocated the USB, Mic, Headphone jacks. I also relocated the reset button assembly to the bottom of the case cover.

After everything was sanded smooth ( after several hours of sanding by hand!!) and blended in, I applied a couple of layers of flexible plastics primer and wet sanded the parts starting with 350 Grit, a couple more layers of primer then 450 grit wet sanding, and then a couple more coats and wet sanded some more with 600 grit.... man thats a lot of sanding! More to go once I fill in all the low spots with filler, then more wet sanding!!

I used a sandable meatl primer for the case itself.... a light coat, some wet sanding, a couple more coats, more sanding....
I had removed the motherboard mounting plate which I will be replacing with clear 1/4" plexiglass,
since I cut out both sides of the case I didnt really want to stare at a piece of metal, I would rather have the bottom of the MB showing.....
This is all for Day 1 of this project.... Need to decide on the color of the case, I will be using automotive paints, and some clear acrylic coat to get this baby glossy.

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