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MyPic32 Phase1 Logs
This is my project... My kids' bathroom... I will have to modify the plumbing for the shower and the faucet.... Add a TP low sensor, Humidity sensor, a pressure sensor
on the toilet seat, a proximity sensor for the sink faucet... door contacts, and a
PIR motion sensor....
  The light switch plate will have to be replaced with a new panel equipped with the new touch sensors for activating functions in the bathroom, and for the RFID tag reader device and VFD display. I will also try to implement some speech synthesis to add audible propmts for users.

Made it through Phase 1 of the competition, my BUM System was actually selected to move on to the next phase of the challenge! Out of 396 International Entries, My entry was one of the 128 picked to move on to Phase 2! Time to get working on this thing as soon as I get my protoboards they are sending me in the prize package I won for making it to the next phase.

Next Phase.......