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5x5x4 LED Matrix
I had a bunch of Surplus LED's, so I decided to build another POV based device.
At first I wasn't really sure what I wanted to make, then I decided to build one of those LED "CUBES" that I have seen on YouTube. So I went on to build this LED CUBE.
I started by drilling out a piece of plexiglass to use as a jig for soldering the LED Matrixes together...

Once I got one matrix done, I realized that I have my spacing too close.... this wont work for one of those "CUBES", so I scrapped the CUBE idea for now,
and proceeded to make a "square LED Matrix display that would have 4 sides to it, and each side is a 5x5 LED matrix,( 5 rows by 5 columns = 25 LEDS each side.)

The 4 panels are finally done, each one is soldered lead to lead without a circuit board, (I'm thankfull that I only made them 5x5's!)

I ended up using 2 4017 Decade (Johnson) counter IC's to drive the columns on the display, each IC can drive 10 columns each.
I wrote a little assembly program in MPSAM and used my Pic16Pro to program a Pic16F84A Microcontroller from Microchip. The MCu controls the 5 ROWS for the data and the clock line and the Reset line on each IC Independently, that way I can scroll different messages on basically a 5x10 LED Matrix, or I can scroll the message "around" the display, which is basically a 5x20 LED Matrix display..... I'll post more pics on assembly of the driver section... for now enjoy these youtube videos of the display working


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