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Case Cover Mod

I only had about 4 days, (well not 4 whole days, I still had to work!!) to work on this mod, I did'nt even get my entry in until about the last week of voting!
But thanks to all of you who voted fo me I made it into first place!

 Left Right

Unfortunately, when I did this case design, I did not take any pictures of the "during", I was so strapped for time, so I do not have much of a work log for this one.
I had sculpted this out of Magic Sculpt sculpting compound, this is not something I bought ready made and stuck on the case.
The tears in the metal were also sculpted out of the same sculpting compound. This was the first time I ever used this stuff, but it is so easy to use just like the company claims!

Thanks to everyone who had voted for me and got me into 1st place!!

Stay tuned... I am going to repaint this case cover and also mod the case for it....

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