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7x20 LED Matrix Display
This display was developed using MAXIM's Max6952 4 wire interfaced 5x7 LED Matrix Driver IC.
Each IC can control upto 4 5x7 Matrices or 140 LED's.

One of the LED matrices has an LED that doesnt light up! What a jip!!

I am using the OOPIC II MCu to control the MAX6952 IC.... The brightness of the display can be adjusted via code...
right now the display brightness is only about 50%.
MAX6952 Specs....
High-Speed 26MHz with SPI-/QSPI-™/
         MICROWIRE™-Compatible Serial Interface
2.7V to 5.5V Operation
Drives Four Monocolor or Two Bicolor Cathode-
         Row 5 . 7 Matrix Displays
Built-In ASCII 104-Character Font
24 User-Definable Characters Available
Automatic Blinking Control for Each Segment
36uA Low-Power Shutdown (Data Retained)
16-Step Digital Brightness Control
Display Blanked on Power-Up
Slew-Rate-Limited Segment Drivers for Lower EMI
36-Pin SSOP and 40-Pin DIP Packages

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