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8x8 Scrolling LED Matrix
This project uses the PIC16F84A MCu and a 4017 Decade counter IC, to display scrolling messages or images
onto 64 LEDs grouped together to form and 8x8 LED Matrix.
These are pics of my prototype display.... It took some patience getting all the LED's to be even and all lined up,
It's worth the trouble to get a good looking display...

This is the controller circuit laid out on one of my solderless breadboards...
The transistors on the top right of the pic are for controlling the rows,
and the bottom group of transistors control the columns...

I am currently trying to come up with a way to store longer messages in some Non-Volatile SRAM...
That was one thing I ran into using the PIC16F84A MCu, limited memory!!!

Download short avi clip showing the display in action below.
(Right click on above link and choose save target as...)

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