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Binary Watch
(By -Unknown Quote)

This is kind of a Geek Gadget, (atleast that's what I am told, lol)
But what geek wouldnt want his own Binary Watch?? I decided to alternate the colors of leds to
make it even more confusing to a "normal" person.

This is my version of a binary watch, it displays time in true binary format:
Top row of 4 LEDs displays the Hours
The second row from the top displays the Tens of Minutes with 3 LEDs
(fourth one on the left blinks once every second)
The bottom most row of LED's display the ones of minutes...
(Right now the watch is displaying  9:54)

View of the back side of the Watch PCB, I used a SMT PIC16F84A MCu,
The five pads you see in the above pic to the right of the yellow jumper are for In circuit serial programming the MCu.
I had accidentally shorted out the power wires on the PCB which resulted in some of
the traces burning off, thats why there are blue wires on the PCB.

I had fabricated my own In Circuit Serial Programmer out of an ordinary clip for an open bag of chips .
And appropriately enough, I named it the Chip Clip Programmer... All I have to do is insert the IC socket into my
Pic16Pro programmer and clip the Chip Clip onto the pads, and program away!!!
The contacts on the Chip Clip are spring loaded to ensure proper contact onto the pads on the PCB.

I will be adding more features to the watch once I am done with it, I am going to fit the whole thing into a pocket watch case
 that I had gotten from my kids once for fathers day. The mechanism inside it has quit working so Iam replacing it with this.
I will be using Hall-Effect sensors to set the time and change the watches mode.

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