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VR Glove
VR Glove
This project came about when I started developing an application for emulating keyboard and mouse  inputs with a joystick.
I had developed the application so I could use my Joystick in games not designed for joystick use, just keyboard and mouse controls.
So I developed a Joystick wrapper in VB6.0 and it worked great, but I wanted to take it a little further... So I'm developing
this Virtual Glove to do the same thing! This glove can be programmed to emulate keyboard or mouse inputs, and the cool
thing is, the PC can't tell the differrence!!

This is one of the pairs of Mechanics Gloves that I had purchased for this project,
I choose these gloves since they are comfortable, and they look cool!
I had removed the rubber logo they had at the back of the hand so I could place the accelerometer module in its place.

I will be using 4 Flex sensors I had purchased at Jameco for about $12.00 a piece. I will only have 3 fingers and a thumb
equipped with the sensors.

This is the 3 axis accelerometer that I will be using, it is the MMA7620Q by Freescale semiconductors.
For detecting hand movements.

This is the MCu PCB for the Glove to PC Interface.... I haven't quite decided if I'm going to use the OOPIC II MCu
by Savage Innovations or use a Pic16F877 MCu by Microchip... (Same MCu that the OOPIC II is based on...)
Either way, my pcb can accommodate either one.

Bitmap Image  

I will be using a 433Mhz Transmitter by LINX technologies for the wireless interface to the PC,
on the PC end I will be using the 433Mhz receiver module that is connected via an RS232 to TTL Tranceiver IC.

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