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One Time Use Cam Mods
Front view of the CV Cam     Back View of the CVS cam
Cable color
+5 VDC
Data -
Data +
Above Photo shows the USB B connectors that I had in my "Spare parts" pile, that I used in this mod.
I started by removing the batteries from the cam, you have to "pull" down on the "lock"
located on the bottom of the cam to be able to slide the battery cover off. Once you have it open, remove the
battery cover by sliding it back to the left and pulling up where the arrow indicates.
Once the batteries are removed, remove the 4 screws that are located around the screen to separate the case cover.

Once the case is separated, the main PCB can be removed by removing the 2 black screws
indicated by the red arrows above.

I decided to mount the connectors flush on the side of the Cams case. I also counter sunk the 2 screws I used to hold the USB connectors
PCB in place. Then I soldered the 4 wires to the card edge connector on the cams PCB, which can be seen in the bottom photo..


  Below is a photo of how I connected the wires to the card edge connector on the cams PCB.
Of course all this hardware mods wont do you any good unless you have access to drivers and
some software to connect and download the movies from your camcorder.....
With a little help from some usefull applications such as OPS and the community at,
 I am now able to download the clips and short movies form the camcorder and reuse it!

These are the 2 "One time Use disposable" digital camcorders after modifications, the one in the top left of the left photo is the model 230,
the bottom right is the 220, which has also been modified for IR. In the right photo you can see the IR filter still in the Model 230,
(which is showing up red)but not in the model 220, which was removed and replaced with 2 pieces of developed film negatives.
Removing the IR filter from the camcorders lens assembly was a little bit tricky, they had glued the whole assembly together,
and it is rather difficult to remove. But with a little patience, inginuity, and a dremmel tool, I managed to get it off.

I also added a headphone plug for the 220 IR, both are fitted with USB B connectors, they also have a switch for"muting" the speaker.
As seen in the left photo below.
I will also be fitting the Model 220 IR with a 433mhz RF remote control for remotely activating all of the cams functions.
I will be using Linx Technologies RXM-433-LC-S RX Module and a Holtek 648M Decoder IC, along with Linx's 5 button keyfob remote.

IR shot of my kids green tree frog in total darkness with a makeshift IR flashlight.

Click on an AVI file below to view short clips of the same view, 1 in Normal Mode, 1 in IR Mode.

Normal shot   IR Shot
(Right click on the selected file and click Save As...)

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