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6 Legged Walker Bot
Walker Bot 1999

This was my first Six Legged walker bot, It had 12 Futuba Servo's, 2 on each Leg. It's MCu was the OOPIC from Savage Innovations.
It used a 7.2 Volt Ni-CAD Rechargable power pack, and a 9 Vlt battery for the MCu. It was primarily constructed out of extruded aluminum
that was used for Industrial PC racks and enclosures.

This was it's interface PCB I designed for the OOPIC MCu. It was laid out with etch resist rub-ons and etched with echant solution.

I had even designed and fabricated a 433 Mhz TX/RX Modules for remote controlling this bot.
Using the TWS and RWS 434 RF modules from Reynolds Electronics (
And a pair of Holteks Encoder/Decoder Remote Control IC's.

Unfortunately for this Bot, after some rigorous testing and programming, it met it's untimely demise in the hands of a HUMAN
a few minutes after just learning to use its legs and walk. Sad, very, very sad. It was so badly damaged that all I
managed to salvage from it for use in another bot was a couple of the servos and the battery pack!

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