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About Us
Brent Morse - Owner operator of Morse-Code, resides in Vermontville Michigan with his 3 children, and fiancee of 17 yrs.
He has been fascinated with technology for as long as he can remember, in the early 80's, he discovered his fascination with programming computers, once he got into that and was able to get the PC to do his bidding, he had to have more... He started tinkering with electronics, and robotics, and soon was able to connect both together and make the computer do things outside of itself! Since then he kept striving to learn more, and more, and more.....

He has been working since 1994 for a company based out of Lansing MI. called Kansmacker Mfg. where he develops Digital automation electronics, software, and mechanical systems for automated recycling equipment, and other automated machines.

On the side he also...
...Custom builds home, office, and mobile computer systems.
...designs and writes small business database based applications for small businesses, and other custom software.
...designs and prototypes digital electronics, and other devices for people as an inventor for peoples ideas.
...Installs and configures custom mobile audio systems, and other mobile electronics.
...designs Industrial automated mechanical equipment.
...designs and maintains websites.
...he also does Tattoes!
...and just about anything else you can throw his way! He is also a great cook!

As you can see from his hobby projects and his capabilities shown here on this site, that he has proven that self motivation and desire can get you what you want or give you the abilities to accomplish many things. He has accomplished all these things and developed all these skills on his own, he has no formal training or schooling for any of these talents, they are all self tought. The motto he lives by:
"There is no spoon" - Neo of the Matrix

Morse-Code - was established in the early 90's to be able to provide people with low cost computer systems, parts and service. With all the "Big" companies gauging the "little people" for computer repairs and service, we decided it was time for someone to provide the same quality brand name systems, parts, and service, without paying high prices to cover the big companies overhead costs.

Morse-Code is an internet based company, we do not have to keep stock, since our parts supplier is a locally based. So we can keep overhead costs down and pass the savings onto our customers.

We do house calls for service, (within the Mid-Michigan area), and schedule our service hours around the customers schedule. So you wont have to be inconvinienced, and take time off of your work schedule  just to drop off your pc to some geek, (Other than us!) and be charged a fee for doing so. We do not charge you any extra other than our hourly service fees for doing house calls, and our fees are nearly half of those other people!