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SP03 Synthesizer
The SP03 by Devantech

With the Devantech Text-to-speech module, you can get your robot to talk back. This module can store up to 30 phrases (with up to 1925 characters total) in the module and send arbitrary text to the module and it will say whatever you enter. It even pronounces numbers correctly!

The SP03 module includes an audio amplifier, a 3volt regulator and level conversion to 5volts, a PIC processor to provide easy communication with your host processor and even a small 40mm speaker, along with the WTS701. Interfaces include an RS232 serial interface, I2C bus interface and a parallel interface to speak up to 30 predefined phrases. A PC program SP03.EXE is available to load the 30 predefined phrases into the SP03.

Click to Download Datsheet in PDF format